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Itay Rosenboim

Itay Rosenboim

Development Manager @ Matrix - Financial and Technology Division


Over 25 years of a vast and versatile IT experience. Experienced working with large enterprises (Israel and Abroad), great representative abilities, self-motivated, creative thinker, initiator with a wide view (technology and business wise) and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


CTO: With more than a total of 8 years of vast experience. 4+ years at Matrix as the Software Products Division CTO leading new worldwide and Israeli software vendor's market development in Israel. 4+ years at WonderNet leading new products lines development, sales and implementations.

PRE-SALE: Vast pre-sales experience with more than 14 years working as a products manager (pre-sales), lead technology advisor, managing and leading RFP and as a focal point for major accounts in Israel and abroad. Leading pre-sale for vendors like: Vantive, PeopleSoft, Pointsec and WonderNet SignX Solutions.

R&D MANAGER: With more than a total of 8 years leading R&D initiatives with Vantive (Offshore), PeopleSoft (Offshore) and Microsoft and also currently responsible for the Development Management of the current R&D (SignX) at WonderNet.

TECHNOLOGY LEADER / ARCHITECT: During all the rolls I have done in the past 20+ years I have maintained and enriched my technology knowledge and experience, keeping hands-on work at all times. I have been doing system architectural design for large accounts like Bank Leumi, Bank Igud, Boston Technologies, Bank Hapoalim, Cellcom, Dolphin-UK, Bezeq, Apple-UK and many more.


  • PM (Matrix)
  • CTO & BMC DSM Manager @ Matrix, Software Products Division (Matrix)
  • Development Manager (Matrix)
  • CTO (Matrix)
  • R&D Manager (NewApplicom)
  • Technology Advisor (NewApplicom)
  • CTO (WonderNet)


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