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Ivan Fedorov

Ivan Fedorov

Founder at

Metz, Grand Est

Software developer with 10 years of experience (2010-present), which consist primarily of ClojureScript, Clojure, JavaScript and React. I specialize on frontend and UX for complex web-applications, but I also have sound experience with backend.

I'm the creator of – calendar based on first-principles approach – spatial time representation. Lightpad finished 5th on Tuesday June 2nd, 2020, competing against professional hunters. Featured in Fast Company 15 best productivity apps of 2020.

- Front-end: extensive knowledge and understanding of modern JS APIs and CSS features. Complex event-driven UIs, React-Redux UIs, CSS animations, Grid, Flexbox, sophisticated styling.

- UX / UI: able to create prototypes of web pages fast to advance the vision of a product or a feature.

- Backend: experience in building server-side systems using Clojure (preferred), Java, JavaScript, C#.

- Math: familiar with combinatorics, probability, graphs, set theory, linear algebra, computational complexity.

- Devops: previously configured Linux systems and their software: Docker, MySQL, Nginx, Java, PHP. Familiar with nuances of Nginx and SSL security and performance; like OCSP stapling, CSP Policy, ciphers, HSTS, Let's Encrypt tech.

- Windows: familiar with .NET WPF technology, previously built Windows desktop UIs


  • Senior Front-end Developer (
  • Founder (
  • Clojure Developer (JUXT (
  • Senior Software Developer (Odoro Inc.)


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