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Ivan Sharamok

Ivan Sharamok

Solutions Architect at Tigera

San Francisco Bay Area

I've got over 10 years of experience in tech industry. For the most part I've been working with .NET stack technologies helping to architect, build and support web based solutions. Consulting and supporting pre- and post-sales engagements for enterprise customers. I pioneered Technical Account Manager role that opened doors to new consulting services at Sitecore.

When I was working on my masters degree I started my career path as a QA engineer at Sitecore. Shortly I moved into support services where I picked up communication skills necessary to join consulting team later on. For the most part I was working with ASP.NET based application but from time to time had to build different support tools using WinForms and Console apps. Have been learning and working with SQL, .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Lucene, Solr, various Azure services and platforms (IaaS, PaaS), MongoDB, Debugging tools (DebugDiag, WinDBG) and many other tools and technologies. I'm a fan of testing and automation as I don't like doing repetitive tasks myself. Machine is built for that purpose.

After 7 years of climbing the career ladder I decided to take over a year long sabbatical to go travel for a while. Made new friends, learned new cultures and a bit of their languages, explored beautiful places and got a myriad of memories from it.

I like challenges that require me to learn new things. I don't know everything but give me an interesting problem and I'll find a way or two to solve it.


  • Solutions Architect (Docker, Inc)
  • Sr. Solutions Architect (Tigera)
  • Principal Solutions Architect (Tigera)
  • Senior Solution Engineer (Sitecore)
  • Escalation Team Engineer (Sitecore USA Inc.)
  • Traveler (No company)
  • Technical Analyst (Sitecore USA Inc.)
  • Solutions Architect (Sitecore)


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