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Jade Bilkey

Jade Bilkey

Senior Software Developer

Toronto, Ontario

I’m a full stack software engineer with a track record of making significant contributions to technological innovation in fast-paced development environments. As a highly adept architect, I collaborate with cross-functional peers to build superior software across the development lifecycle.

I have a passion for efficient design and writing testable, maintainable code, as well as profiling and analyzing performance, security, and scalability. I work best when producing well-defined solutions for ill-defined problems, and enjoy working with business stakeholders to capture project requirements and turn ideas into reality.

I’m a long-standing contributor to the software development community and have served in software leadership roles for projects involving world-class cancer research, 3D printing of medical supplies in remote environments, and smart city infrastructure in the City of Vancouver.


  • Software Developer & Cofounder (PowerInform)
  • Software Lead & Technical Analyst (Sttarr Innovation Centre)
  • Lead Technology Consultant (3D4MD)
  • Lead Software Developer (GoodRobot)
  • Senior Production Engineer (Shopify)


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