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John Warner

John Warner

Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member, Writer, Speaker,

Greenville, South Carolina

Read my life lessons for free - Dynamism: Empowering Creativity While Being Accountable For Results at

Dynamic cultures contain the seeds of almost unlimited opportunities for those with the vision, courage, and ability to seize them. Universal principles can energize a dynamic culture allowing everyone to be fully creative in their own way while being accountable for results. The essential mission must be clear. The right people with the right skills needed to execute the mission must be in place. Each team member must be accountable for their role in achieving the mission. Being accountable gives creative people license to follow their informed intuition. When leaders cross-pollinate a garden of intuitive ideas, some won’t bear fruit but others will be delicious. 

I'd enjoy exploring working with your organization to help energize your team, by tapping into the full creative potential of everyone while being accountable for results.

I'm particularly interested and valuable in serving on your Board of Directors or Advisory Board if you are organizing a sprint to get to the next level of growth. I have extensive experience on numerous business boards in different industries, as well as across companies, educational institutions, not-for-profit, and government agencies. Most have succeeded. A few have whiffed, which are the most powerful lessons.

I can inspire your audience at your team retreats or conferences you're organizing. I have spoken to lots of business, industry, and civic organizations. Here is a keynote presentation I made to the global innovation conference of Sonoco, a food packaging company. For over fifteen years I have broadcast a weekly innovation and entrepreneurship update on South Carolina Public Radio. Here's a radio broadcast example that surveys innovators I've known in my career.


  • Coach, Writer, and Speaker on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Self Employed)
  • Fellow (Liberty Fellowship)
  • CEO and Co-founder (Concepts to Companies LLC)
  • CEO and Co-founder (Accessible Diagnostics)
  • Chairman (Furba Care LLC)


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