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Juan Antonio PIla Fernández

Juan Antonio PIla Fernández

Creative Rainbow CEO

Greater Santander Metropolitan Area

I am a writer and film Director graduated from the University of Leon, the first University in Spain to implement a public and national studies related to the film industry.
I am a very creative person and for that I have the ability to generate a new vision in addition to inventing, designing, or argue new possibilities. I´m enthusiastic, idealistic, responsive and passionate about my work because i need to breathe every little drop of creativeness.
I have in mind the need for positive relationships with peers and the co-workers; as well as tolerance to frustration. Assuming learning challenges with proper standards of work that allow me to set priorities and goals assessing resources used and results obtained.
Therefore I am seeking new opportunities anywhere in the world that allow me to develop myself while I help successfully in a project. I am open to work in the industry of entertainment (movies, videogames, tv etc. ) as well as the technology industry without refusing to participate in other cultural or educational projects. If you need more information, please contact me. Something original will happen. Juan.


  • Podcaster - Content Creator (Profesional independiente)
  • Producer & Narrative Designer (R Games)
  • Teacher (Escuela Laboral DA EL PASO)
  • Founder & Director (Creative Rainbow)
  • Teacher (Escuela Taller Pielagos IV)
  • Creative Director (Creative Rainbow Consulting)
  • Producer & Narrative Designer (Creative Rainbow)
  • Founding Partner & CEO (Creative Rainbow Consulting)
  • CEO & Founder (R Games)


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