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Julia Mishina

Julia Mishina

Development Consultant, Project manager and QA engineer

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Software consultant / Project manager with full-stack Web development commercial background, QA and DevOps experience. I have established skills working with Ruby, Rust, JavaScript, Node, Go, Blockchain-related technologies and a wide range of modern technologies and frameworks.

My DevOps expertise include server automation skills (primarily Chef), using containers (Docker, deployments), knowledges in queueing background jobs with sidekiq-pro and Redis, working with a wide range of Amazon AWS services in production, setting up sharding for Solr and Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, Zookeeper. I am familiar with popular NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB, Druid) and relational databases (MySQL, Postgres). Regarding Postgres, few years ago I've developed plugin which adds new data type 'set', it's accessible here: (written in C and PL/pgSQL).

Over the past 4 years I have solid front-end experience, in particular with AngularJS, Backbone, React JS and Express. I am familiar to build one-page web applications with such frameworks and build RESTful API for it, always follow best practices of development and architecture, and know when to apply them. I am aware of CSS pre-processors (SASS/SCSS), HAML/jade, CoffeeScript, can work on any UI as Twitter Bootstrap or converting PSD into HTML on my own or even handle more complex stuff.

Talking about tests, I am not a real fan of BDD, regardless I broadly used it in several projects in the past. TDD is just enough in most of the cases. For testing ambiguous front-end I prefer RSpec+Capybara+Selenium bundle over jasmine.

Among other languages I am familiar to Java, Python, C/C++, PL/pgSQL, PHP.

I speak fluent verbal English, Russian and basic Japanese.

I am transgender person (MTF).

My personal qualities can be characterized as confident, reliable, enthusiastic, passionate to challenging tasks.


  • Senior Ruby on Rails developer (
  • Full Stack Developer (Turing Technology, Inc.)
  • Leading DevOps engineer, full-stack Ruby on Rails & NodeJS developer (AFFLIGHT LLC (codename))
  • Ruby on Rails developer (Hipflat)
  • Senior Development Consultant (IT consulting & services)


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