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Julian Stewart

Julian Stewart

Director of Town Hall Cinemas, Deluxe Cinemas, Alice Cinemas & Longview Labs


I'm a seasoned content creator with a wide range of skills ranging from video production, game design, web design, graphic design to marketing and business strategy.
Most of all I enjoy using my creativity to solve difficult problems that positively effect thousands of people's lives.

• Highly ambitious motivated to produce a variety of digital content with an unparalleled work ethic.
• Outstanding written and oral communications skills with comprehensive experience in numerous forms of marketing and practical business strategies.
• Strong out-of-the-box thinking for products, services and applied strategies.
• Proficient on Mac and PC with advanced knowledge of the Google Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Final Cut Pro, and a variety of Content Management Systems, business management systems and email marketing platforms.


  • Game Designer, Director (Greenstone Games)
  • Director (Deluxe Cinemas)
  • Freelancer (Freelance Content Creator)
  • Director (Town Hall Cinemas)
  • Film Director (Purpose Pictures)


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