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Justinas Lelys

Justinas Lelys

IT Operations Manager at Otravo


I have extensive software development background, broad knowledge of AWS services and production grade experience with Kubernetes.

I started my professional career back in 2010. During the first years I met PHP frameworks (Symfony, Yii, Codeigniter), worked on a few e-commerce projects (Magento) with custom supplier integrations. I was one man in the team so had an opportunity to play with hosting too (apache web server, varnish cache, etc). These were times before containers.

During the following years I discovered some crucial caching engines (Redis, Memcache). While working in the startup (XtGem) I had the ability to meet multiple trending storage solutions (MongoDB, Elastic Search) at that time. I also had the ability to write a few Node.js based backend apps, even to assist on developing mobile application using the Apache Cordova framework.

2017 was the year when I started doing both development and operations. Thus the company didn’t have a dedicated DevOps at that time, so I took ownership of infrastructure step by step. I really appreciate that period of time - there were a lot of challenges which helped me to learn DevOps and to empower cloud technologies.

In the March of 2019 I got my biggest career boost so far - I was promoted to IT Operations Manager. This position includes a lot of different responsibilities but my main focus is the uptime of our services.

During the past year I hired people to multiple teams including the DevOps team. Together with the team we’ve achieved dockerization and kubernetization of all company’s micro services/monolithic applications. I’ve been working together with the DevOps team on setting up the whole infrastructure, so that means I have hands-on expertise too.

In terms of personality I’m empathetic, ambitious, hardworking, thorough and open minded. I have an interest in the stock market, I'm practising sustainable living. Recently I became a drones enthusiast - I’m happy that this forces me to get away from the city more frequently.


  • Managing mobile web traffic resources (Self-employed at xoxlist)
  • Backend Developer (XtGem, LLC)
  • Backend Developer (Interneto partneris)
  • IT Operations Manager (Otravo)
  • WEB Developer, System Administrator (UAB Komi)


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