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Karen Kronauge

Karen Kronauge

Owner and Principal Consultant for a global management consulting firm

Denver Metropolitan Area

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c: +1-720-530-0603

I have unique experience that covers a breadth and depth of topics, largely centered around my foundational knowledge of finance, process improvement, and GRC. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to bring this knowledge to worldwide Fortune 50 companies and clients, facilitating a range of software development, financial technology, and business development initiatives.

As a natural connector, I have a genuine passion for growing people, processes, and products through meaningful client, customer, and use a relationships critical to understanding business needs, developing use cases, supporting adoption, and encouraging expansion across software, product, and project development lifecycles.

One of the most unique areas of my background, in my opinion, is my experience working at the intersection of finance and technology where I've had the opportunity to lead software development and implementation processes for FinTech and SaaS startups, in-house products, and more.

Whether technical or non-technical in nature, I enjoy supporting projects through collaboration, exceptional communication, and technical excellence, and I am excited to bring my well-rounded knowledge and experience to an organization seeking strong leadership, sound business acumen, and a fresh new perspective.


  • PM (ACL)
  • Principal Consultant / Owner (Karbon Solutions)
  • Principal Consultant / Owner (ConnectInt Solutions, LLC)
  • Curator, Westernaires Museum of Western and Riding History (Golden, CO) (WESTERNAIRES)
  • PM (Equinox Fund Management, LLC)


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