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Karen White

Karen White

Hire Me For Research, Writing, Copywriting, Editing & Problem-Solving Work - June 2020. Email

Truro, England

Impeccable timing! I'm now available to hire for freelance work. Award Winning Marketing & Publicity - Chartered International Marketing (Masters Level), Publicity, Social Media, Copywriting, Editing, Website Content Reviews & Research. Need to find a solution to a problem? I'm a natural born innovator. Throw it my way and I'll provide a series of detailed solutions back at you.

I’ve graduated from an awkward forceps delivery to navigating a keyboard with relative ease. I’ve qualified as a Chartered Marketer, worked all over the world and slept next door to a President.

My words have found themselves in random places. I’ve researched and written copy for a book, ‘The Global Ideas Book: Social Inventions To Change The World’. Created press releases that inspired articles published by magazines and newspapers; taken a community cinema’s marketing to the national British Federation Film Awards (and won) and spent a year of my life writing user-friendly technical manuals for university student software. Sometimes it’s good to mix it up a bit.

I’m now seeking freelance writing, marketing or challenge solving work. I’m self-employed, geo-flexible and available to start immediately. I deliver quality work for a fair price. HIRE ME to offer you innovative, actionable solutions - and if necessary, implement them for you or to deliver specific pieces of quality work - on time.

Email me to discuss your needs:


  • Creator of Project Lumin (Self Employed)
  • Founder (Vegan Event Hub)
  • Principal International (Marketing) Officer (Canterbury Christ Church University)
  • Marketing Manager/Committee Member (Torbay Film Club)
  • Entrepreneur (Self-employed)


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