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Kathryn Smith

Kathryn Smith

Principal Scientist at Gerologix Inc.; Adjunct Professor at ACU

North Augusta, South Carolina

Virologist and researcher with 14 years of academic, laboratory and clinical experience. My passion is disease detection, specifically using molecular assays such as real-time PCR. My laboratory skills include classical virology techniques, such as plaque assays and serum neutralization assays, and molecular techniques, such as conventional and real-time PCR. My primary experience has been with animal pathogens; however, I have also handled biological specimens potentially infected with zoonotic pathogens such as rabies and anthrax. At the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, I processed spinal fluids for cytology examination from rabies suspects, and various samples acquired from primates, both of which required additional protective measures, more commonly associated with laboratories that examine human specimens.

I obtained both a Masters and a PhD in veterinary science from the University of Kentucky. My degrees in veterinary science encompassed work in genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, virology, statistics, and microbiology. My thesis and doctoral research focused on the development and application of a new real-time PCR assay for the detection of equine herpes virus type 1. I have four peer-reviewed publications. I have presented my research at three national conferences and one international conference.


  • Services Scientist (VMRD, Inc.)
  • Study Director of Services Division (VMRD, Inc.)
  • Veterinary Technician (Banfield The Pet Hospital)
  • Adjunct Professor (Abilene Christian University)
  • Research Assistant (Augusta University)
  • Principal Scientist (Gerologix Inc.)


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