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Kiran Ramesh

Kiran Ramesh

Java | Spring Boot | AWS | Python | Django | Backend | Former Cloud Software Engineer Co-Op at New York Life R&D Labs | Former Telecom Software Engineer at Radisys

Boston, Massachusetts

Over four years of professional experience focused in Software Development with proficiency in Java, Python, JavaScript, and SQL. Strong skills in backend development for Web applications, Cloud applications, Automation Framework development with hands-on experience with Spring Boot, Django frameworks.

Got an amazing opportunity to work as a Cloud Software Engineer co-op for 8 months at New York Life R&D labs, developing customer facing web applications deployed using AWS services, used by over 12000 NYL agents. Responsibilities included delivering unit tested backend REST APIs integrated with Saleforce, Pega and other internal services for various features to support NYL agents to recommend, sell and manage insurance policies. Designed and developed POCs to predict future College Tuition fees across US and calculate taxes for customers, helping in setting financial goals. In parallel to this, developed an email feature, integrated within the application, to help agents interact with their customers without having to use 3rd party applications.

Graduated from Northeastern University completing Masters in Computer Systems Engineering.

Passionate about building reliable and robust back-end software solutions that solves a real-world problem and enhances the user experience when customers are interacting with the products. Enthusiastic about building new products and always eager to learn new technologies.

From my experience in the wireless domain, I have gained a strong understanding of LTE Cellular architecture and in-depth knowledge in L3, L2 eNB protocol stack with emphasis on both User-Plane Data Flow (RLC, PDCP, MAC) and Control-Plane signaling (RRC, S1AP, NAS). Involved in all phases of the Test Conformance Platform project, achieved platform certification to conduct GCF and customer certifications for CAT-M, IoT, and smartphone devices.

Technical skills:
Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, Shell scripting, SQL
Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server
Frameworks: Spring Boot, Django
Cloud: AWS
Others: GIT, Jira, Apache, Jenkins, Selenium
Tools: QCOM MTP, QPST, QXDM, Wireshark, CPT


  • Software Engineer Intern (Radisys Corporation)
  • Cloud Software Engineer Co-Op (New York Life Insurance Company)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Latch)
  • Software Engineer (Radisys Corporation)


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