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Kirill Brusenskiy

Kirill Brusenskiy

CTO — BrandStudio

Russian Federation

20 years experience in Web development, including a support of complex Web sites according to guidelines, specific standards and extra requirements for quality and response time.

Know how to support projects with a legacy code base, how to conduct a refactoring in order to achieve expected results and make a development process predictable.

Understand how to measure a page load timings and performance, how to optimise it to get better results.

Have developed front-end applications using AJAX. Understand how a server side part of a service works.

Throughout the career I have been working with a lot of major front-end technologies such as: React, jQuery, JavaScript (including ES2015; Babel), BEM, SCSS, Stylus (Nib), Webpack, Gulp, Grant, etc.

At the moment I am an instructor at HTML Academy (JavaScript Base Course;


  • CTO (Silver Plate)
  • Developer (Art. Lebedev Studio)
  • Senior Developer (Promo Interactive Ogilvy Group)
  • Junior Front-end Developer (Internet Solution Company)
  • Head of the Technological Subdivision (Promo Interactive Ogilvy Group)
  • CTO (BrandStudio)
  • Head of the Automatization Subdivision (Promo Interactive Ogilvy Group)


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