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Konstantinos Kontinos

Konstantinos Kontinos

Head of Strategic Insights & Operations at Muhimma Digital Platform Co.


A branding jack-of-all trades, and master of an unexpected number of some.

I am a Strategy, Communications & Insights professional fascinated by building & nurturing great brands. I have been doing so for more than 23 years with the same levels of teenage-like fervour since day one.

Ι have served brands from every imaginable angle, in Agencies & Client-side positions, across drastically different geographies, working environments, business needs and cultural requirements. At home in extremely varied roles, I have worn the hats of the Researcher, Advertising Strategist, Branding & Design Consultant, Innovation/R&D Champion and Marketer.

Immersion in diversity and cross-pollination running wild have drastically shaped my scope of capabilities, depth of thinking and dimensionality of output.

Naturally inquisitive and resourceful, with an irresistible desire to understand and explain, I find inspiration and thrive in complexity, in situations that many would avoid or would resort to oversimplifying just to protect their peace of mind. I have a natural aversion to just-so stories or unbacked theories and I keep pushing for well-informed decision-making where many settle for skyhooks just because it feels comfy.

I see a world full of nuance and interconnectedness where many see little, if anything, to chew upon. I can suggest many novel and effective ways to skin a cat where most would get stuck to the obvious path out of lack of imagination, conformity or sheer laziness.

Quite often, I have a hard time convincing people (especially people who have been accustomed to one-trick-ponies) that nominally conflicting qualities can coexist and bloom - but this is how it is.

With a a rare combination of academic interests and commercial astuteness, pop culture immersion and no-nonsense business resolve, unbridled creativity and hard-data-based analytical robustness, I bring the best of many, many worlds to the table, helping brands grow and prosper.

Bring it on.


  • Marketing Services Director (Agthia Group PJSC)
  • Research Consultant (Ipsos)
  • Chief Growth Officer (SkyMakers)
  • Strategic Planning Director (McCann Worldgroup)
  • Head of Strategic Insights & Operations (Muhimma Digital Platform Co.)


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