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Kranthi Garidepalli

Kranthi Garidepalli

Manager Geophysics, ION | Data Scientist | Machine Leaning | Data Analyst | Applied Statistics | Python | SQL

Houston, Texas

Here is a quick summary of my skillset that I can leverage to any data scientist/ data analyst/ Machine Learning roles.

• Exceptional planning, mentoring and managing skills demonstrated in establishing and overseeing a successful new business venture. It’s one of the most success strategy, resulted a great flexibility and efficiency to the business unit.

• Proficiency in data mining, exploratory data analysis, Time series data processing using mathematical and statistical analysis in a Python based GUI. Extensive experience in model building, parameter testing, validation, draw business conclusion and demonstrate it to stakeholders.

• Hands-on coding experience in Python, SQL using libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn, PyTorch, imblearn etc.

• Hands-on experience in Hypothesis Testing, A/B Testing, Regression Analysis, K-means clustering, Regularization, Bosting techniques GBM, XGBM and Adaboost, Big data visualization, Analysis and Predictions.

• Geophysical data analysis requires a great a deal of attention and extensive testing of parameters. I am passionate about leveraging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, or natural language processing in the field of data science to solve real-world problems for businesses. I love connecting, working, and exchanging ideas with people that come from a diverse set of backgrounds.



  • Geophysicist (COMACOE)
  • Geophysicist (Heramec Ltd)
  • Senior Geophysicist (ION Geophysical)
  • Geophysicist - Onboard Processing (ION Geophysical)
  • Manager, Geophysics-I (ION Geophysical)
  • Senior Geophysicist - Onboard Processing (ION Geophysical)


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