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Kristina Gordon

Kristina Gordon

Senior Visual/UI designer (freelancing, available)

Hellerup, Capital Region

As Graphics Designer I am someone who:

Is experienced and comfortable in working with the discovery stage, concept development over to finalizing the asset production.

Have lots of creativity with an open mind and plenty of enthusiasm.

Loves the intensity of the brainstorming sessions, the immersion of the production and the rush of delivering my things just before deadline, knowing that I delivered the best possible work.

Ensures a very high level of aesthetics in graphics and high on quality as every pixel counts.

Is used to work in both small local and large international teams.

Enjoys dialogue and constructive discussions with both team and client to ensure the best possible end product.

Very capable of seeing my work as a part of the whole. How my delivery has to be fitted into development and used in different types of media and context.

Is naturally eager to create the best looking and most graphical fantastic solution, but very much aware of what the end user is actually in need of and really wants to get out of using the product.

Has a flair for trends, new looks with a natural curiosity for whats moving in new media and design.

Worked with many aspects of graphics, from graphic design to motion graphics to painting to illustrations which all hopefully have given me a good platform to branch into various tasks.

Is result orientated with an eye on the end user, I always look beyond my own personal preferences and land the focus on the usecase.

Is a team player with a bubbling catching personality.


  • Motion Graphics Designer (Nordisk Film)
  • Senior Graphic designer (NDS)
  • Senior Motion Graphics Designer (ODS A/S)
  • Motion Graphics Designer (Angel Film)
  • Senior Visual Designer (ustwo™)


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