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Laura-Rachel Dubos

Laura-Rachel Dubos

Creative Director & Brand Strategist | Writer & Art Critic | Digital Marketing Expert | « Art, Luxury & Philosophy » Columnist

Paris, Île-de-France

__________ ABOUT

I am a quadrilingual* digital marketer, communication strategist and art director, well-versed in both business-focused marketing strategies and disruptive content creation.

Curious, agile and forward-thinking, I am inspired by all things innovation, technology, branding and design and their impact on the modern consumer. The combination of analytical thinking with creative problem solving allows me to design unique blend – digital and traditional – campaign ideas and drive businesses forward. I undertake cutting-edge and insightful trend-researches and data analysis to understand the new customer standards and give rise to brand performance and desirability. Inspirited by an international and intercultural experience, I eventually gained the ability to adapt to fast-paced business changes, challenges and demands as well as changing cultural and social environments.

*Perfectly fluent and business proficient (C1) in French, English, Italian and German with intercultural understanding.

__________ EXPERTISE

‧ Expertise in digital marketing, communication strategies and art direction
‧ Consulting in innovation, future trends, creative intelligence and digital transformation
‧ Creative writing, storytelling and content production (videos, podcasts, photography, design, etc.)
‧ Fluent in french, italian, english and german - learning japanese (A1)
‧ Expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite (Lightroom, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PP, Audition) and FCPX

__________ ART CRITICS

+ La Persistance de la Mémoire, l’orfèvre et le temps :
+ L'expressionnisme abstrait, cheval de Troie de la CIA : 
+ Le Radeau de la Méduse, naufrage théâtral d’un monde en déclin
+ Black Lives Matter, de la rage picturale à la révolte sociale :
+ Le fléau pandémique à travers le prisme de l’art :


+ Master Thesis « Storytelling and luxury brands advertising strategies » :


  • Digital Marketing & Communications Officer (RAM AI (Mediobanca Group))
  • « Art, Philosophy & Luxury » Columnist (Bilan, la référence en économie)
  • Founder & Editor-in-Chief (Les Ponts des Arts)
  • Chief Creative Officer — Spe. Luxury & Art (Imprimerie du Marais)
  • Writer, Art Critic & Storyteller — Spe. Art, Mythology & Philosophy (Cartier)


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