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Lawrence Metzger

Lawrence Metzger

Academic Communications & Writing English Consultant, Tutor, Course Designer in Critical Thinking and Methods of Conflict Resolution

United States

I am first of all a lifelong student, teacher, tutor, mentor, and consultant dedicated to Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Course development for international education focusing on critical thinking implemented through research-based academic writing. My current research focuses on Nobel Prize religious and secular criteria for leaders of Iran, Israel, and USA to avoid war and build bridges of collaboration through academic exchange scholarships based on problem-solution analysis and innovation. With all the focus on economic profit, territorial expansion and security, energy production, weapons sales, and computer engineering technocracy, all leaders must do much more in strategizing positive collaboration in global peace, ecological restoration, and education on global human rights to break down the false walls of separation and xenophobia.


  • Academic English Tutor (Varsity Tutors)
  • English Lecturer (INTO Oregon State University)
  • English Lecturer on International Human Rights - SELS 2019 (University of California, Berkeley)
  • English Lecturer (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Teaching Fellow (Nazarbayev University)


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