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Leigh Hartzman

Leigh Hartzman

Content Strategist for Waze at Google

Tel Aviv

- You've got a vision but you struggle to explain it clearly in writing

- Your emails and presentations sound awkward and robotic

- Your teammates don’t understand your instructions and they make mistakes

- You need someone to help you explain technical concepts in a simple way so that everyone in your organization can understand them

Welcome! You’re in the right place.

I help professionals in tech write clearly and precisely so they can bring their visions to life.

Because of my experience as a product copywriter and technical writer for some of Israel's leading tech companies, I can help you master the skill of explaining just about anything to anyone.

Follow me for tips. #explainanything


  • Freelance Copywriter (Self-Employed)
  • Content Editor and Marcom Project Coordinator (Orbotech)
  • Senior Technical Writer for Waze at Google (Contractor) (NISHA PRO)
  • Content Team Leader (
  • Content Strategist at Waze (Google)


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