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Liat Shaked

Liat Shaked

Founder at Liat Shaked Creative. Entrepreneur. Storyteller. Digital Media Designer.


They say I'm an extremely fast thinker. They also say that I am very talented.
My name is Liat Shaked, and I would like to take you on a journey to my outer self. Please hold still and let the journey begin.
My career started when I was 25, a young Lawyer who wanted to conquer the world, with unlimited ideas about the Justice System.
When I realized that courts made Law rather than Justice, I quit and went ahead to my next challenge.
[Pause] I don't want to bother you with boring details about my career path. Then, if you please, I would like to go ahead with the juicy stuff.
I hold an LLB degree in Law and an MA in Gender and Women Studies.
During my career I've managed several businesses, one of them I also founded.

I am experienced in marketing, sales and highly fond of creating new business horizons.
I am a creative person who loves art and music. During my too-little-spare time, I am also engaged in creative writing.

A fast learner (not far from the-speed-of-light) who enjoys exploring new areas.
Although an interesting journey cannot be ended without a song, I'll spare it from you this time. Yes, I am also a thoughtful person.


  • Sales And Marketing Specialist (Seemplan)
  • The Central Library (Tel Aviv University)
  • Entrepreneur. Creative. Content (Self-Employed)
  • Chief Executive Officer (Targum & More)
  • Founder at Liat Shaked Creative (Liat Shaked Creative)


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