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Lior Solomon

Lior Solomon

VP of Engineering, Data at Vimeo

Haworth, New Jersey

A technical leader in the fields of application engineering, platform engineering, data engineering, data platform. I have driven and championed multiple platform modernization and data migration projects, and I am passionate about building modern data-driven product development organizations and cultures in different company growth stages.

Today, together with about 35 talented Data Engineers and Engineering manager I focused on the following challenges:
- Video Analytics
- Search and recommendation
- Data Ops
- BI Engineering
- Internal tools
- Data Platform

Please don't reach out to me for helping me with outsourced recruitment firms, we use internal recruiting @Vimeo.

Do reach out to me if you are looking to brainstorm data strategy, tools, startups etc. I love learning about new ideas, meet people and help talent find their next challenge.



  • VP of Engineering, Data (Vimeo)
  • Software Development Manager (Consist)
  • CTO (Consist)
  • VP of Engineering (Eyeview)
  • Head of Data (Vimeo)
  • VP of Research and Development (TriPlay)
  • CTO (Bnei Baruch)
  • Software Development Manager (TriPlay)


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