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Liron Nunez Weissman

Liron Nunez Weissman

CEO, Deep-Tech and Early-Stage Investment


Experienced product strategist - leading startups from vague ideas to products in the market.
Investing in early tech and deep tech startups.
Currently spearheading the effort to create disruptive consumer startups out of the cutting edge of academic research.

Being optimistic I enjoy taking raw ideas and finding ways to make them happen believing there is always a way to your goals.

I am really good in creating a pleasant and creative work environment, which attracts excellent people and gets the best out of them.

When not working or spending quality time with my family I enjoy woodworking, old-school technology.


  • Chief Executive Officer (Joy Ventures)
  • VP Product Strategy / Deep Tech Ventures (Joy Ventures)
  • Chief Technology Officer (Beyond Mobility)
  • System Engineer (Dblur Technologies Ltd.)
  • VP of Portfolio Success (Joy Ventures)
  • Director, Program Manager, Founding Team (Pearls of Wisdom R&D)
  • Vice President of Development, Founding Team (Pearls of Wisdom R&D)
  • Head of CTO Office (Consumer Physics, Inc.)


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