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Lori Ruff

Lori Ruff

Changing the way your clients, customers, and advocates talk about you | I challenge influential leaders and executives to refine their networks and redefine their legacies | Author LinkedIn #5MinDrill

Washington DC-Baltimore Area

Not your cookie-cutter executive, my passion is helping changemakers find avenues to represent the mark they want to leave on the world, to tap into their authentic personal brand, and define a future that fulfills their hearts’ desires.

I ask unexpected questions that lead to provocative discoveries of core values and key qualities you want the world to know about you and often, to the What and Why you want in your future. We then seek to align your salient capabilities and relevant assets to get there. I also connect you to unique individuals in my network to accelerate your success.

I have now also turned my global success to my local community to foster relationships to build lasting value.

Over the last two decades, I have delivered world-class expertise on stages and in boardrooms around the world in person and virtually to help leaders become thought leaders, shortened the path to success through key introductions, and provided provocative advice that made an immediate impact on bottom lines.

I have accomplished much in my career but the most fulfilling great task was defining the voice and strengthening the brand promise to empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation.

Driven toward excellence, I leverage my extensive network and social media expertise to fulfill a passion for enabling others. Over the past three decades, I have helped nearly half a million people learn how to get a better job, be more successful in their profession, and leverage their strengths to exceed their company’s goals.

Follow me professionally: on LinkedIn, or my Facebook page (@LinkedInDiva) or Twitter and Instagram (@LoriRuff). Follow me personally: on my Facebook profile (@Lori Ruff).

Remember, if you do not know your why it will be hard to gain buy-in toward your new what.

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  • ► Keynote SPEAKER & AUTHOR: Brand and Audience Response Strategist (Suite Branding - Keynote & Conference Public Speaker | Inspiring Passion in Today's Top Performers)
  • Chief Branding Officer | Communication Strategy—Marketing—Constituent Engagement | Building #ALPFA (ALPFA, Inc. — Association of Latino Professionals For America | Empowering Latino Leaders)
  • Chief Branding Officer (ETM Media)
  • Book Author: LinkedIn: The 5-Minute Drill for Executive Networking Success (Morgan James Book Publishing)
  • Celebrity Ambassador ~ Advocate } Brand and Audience Response Strategist (Arthritis National Research Foundation)


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