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Malonie 🇨🇦/🇲🇽 Carre

Malonie 🇨🇦/🇲🇽 Carre

CEO Evolución Vertical (Creative Evolution Officer and Life Coach)

Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo

Hi I am Malonie Carre the CEO (Creative Evolution Officer) of Evolucion Vertical and Casa Boutique Hokhmah, Life Coach and Company Coach.
My life mission is to help humans and the planet with the evolution process that we are rapidly experiencing. Casa Boutique Hokhmah our training center and Eco Boutique Hotel for Evolucion Vertical started as a vision to create a “Holistic Center'' however, I am very much more of an empath and intuitive person than a hands on healer. So I never quite understood exactly what I was creating. Then 15 years later, working in the Ecological projects of EV in nature and as a Company coach and Life coach my life mission became very clear. As I observed the challenges facing people in today's society I was shocked to see so many people with depression, lack of enthusiasm for life and huge challenges in their relationships and their sexuallity. From my observations and also because of my own life experiences, I developed a basic, intermediate and advanced course to help people make the connection between their intimate erotic energy and their life purpose and creative endeavours. Evolucion Vertical is offering this first basic course online totally free to get everyone started on the path to living a life of Erotic Abundance.


  • Life Coach (Evolución Vertical)
  • Creative Evolution Officer CEO (Evolución Vertical)
  • Lead Vocalist (Trio Good Vibration)
  • Jazz Vocalist, Jazz Sessions (Grupo Vidanta)
  • Co Founder Casa Boutique Hokhmah (Casa Boutique Hokhmah)
  • Forever (New álbum release)


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