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Manuel Angel  Andrade Recio

Manuel Angel Andrade Recio

Senior Software engineer

Greater Sevilla Metropolitan Area

When I was 12 years old and with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum I got to know the fantastic world of programming and I started to make technology in general my hobby, until it also became my profession.

As technology advanced and diversified, my interest in learning a bit of everything grew, some technologies with more dedication than others.
During this journey, I have programmed in Basic, Visual Basic, C, Java, PHP, typescript, ASP, Go...
I used MS-DOS, Windows, macOS, Linux...

I have been a programming teacher and I have been a professional developer in different languages and technologies going through different profiles: developer, analyst, technical manager, technical leader, project manager, area manager... without ceasing to feed my technical restlessness.

I have played roles of enterprise architecture, product owner, business analyst and solution analyst.

A summary of the latest courses and certifications: Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform, Architecting with Google Cloud Platform, AWS Solutions Architect, Kubernetes, TOGAF, PMP, ITIL

I keep training myself constantly in architecture, languages and technology in general.


  • Software Architect & Backend lead developer (Vestyre)
  • DevOps & Solutions Architect (Chakray Consulting)
  • Software Architect & Backend lead developer (Boxyware)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Adaptavist)
  • Solutions Architect (Group of SMEs)


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