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Marco Giorgini

Marco Giorgini

Google Marketing Lead | Product Owner | Go-To-Market Strategist | Empowering businesses to grow globally

London, England

The internet, which is changing face every day, requires the ability to innovate quickly and execute. These two attributes inspired my 10+ years of professional experience, started in Consulting and now in Marketing.

My current goal at Google aims to empower businesses to grow internationally via the Internet. To support this mission, we launched Google Market Finder (, a one-stop-shop that helps businesses along their entire international journeys. Market Finder won several internal and external awards, including the 2018 Webby Award for Best Visual Design-Function, 4 W3 awards and 2 Lovie Awards and it was also recognized as one of the 5 Best Web Services in the world.

As part of my role, I collaborate with several government organisations, such as WTO, US Dept.of Commerce, UK Dept.of International Trade and few more, to combine our value propositions and help businesses at local level.

In the rest of my 4+ years of experience at Google, I had the opportunity to work on other local, regional and global marketing roles, working on the Italian Google Partners program, YouTube, and the Global B2B AppDev Program.

Before Google I had a 5y consulting experience in Deloitte’s Customer Management&Strategy practice; In Deloitte I’ve been involved in several large-scale Marketing, Customer Service and Digital Transformation projects.

Due to my passion for the Digital world and fashion, in June 2012 I co-founded Outloop, a fashion streetwear brand and run it for 3,5 years.

My work experience enabled me to develop strong relationship & communication skills. I enjoy building relations with clients; I try to foster an environment of enthusiasm, dynamic thinking, and willingness for continuous learning within my team.

- Marketing and Business Strategy
- Product management
- International growth


  • Global Product Marketing Manager AppDev (Google)
  • Associate Product Marketing Manager (Google)
  • Business Analyst (Deloitte Consulting)
  • EMEA Marketing Coordinator - Mid Market International growth (Google)
  • Internship (Deloitte Consulting)
  • Consultant (Deloitte Consulting)
  • International Growth Marketing Lead - Market Finder Product Manager (Google)
  • Senior Consultant (Deloitte Consulting)
  • Co-Founder and CEO (Outloop)


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