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Mark Eschbach

Mark Eschbach

Principal Software Engineer && Technical Leadership

Sacramento, California

I am a quality focused developer plying real world knowledge of application development and architecture. My primary focus is on building maintainable && reliable systems.

I began programming at the age of 6 on a TI-99/4a, a home computer with a 16-bit microprocessor bragging about 0 wait state for primary memory access. I first began learning BASIC for the machine, then dabbled in the assembly programming. I went on to learn Java, C, IA32 and IA16 assembly, C++, and Objective-C. By the time I graduated high school, I had created a microkernel based on concepts from L4 and Mach able to run on IA32 and MIPS systems. I learned about maintance the hard way: porting and refactoring assembly and C between the ABIs.

In the post-high school years, I supported myself by freelancing, primarily working with systems containing web user interfaces. During this time, I successfully balanced marketing, sales, and production. Eventually I was asked to join a startup, where we successfully built a proof-of-concept of an internet ecommerce platform. After we chose to close the startup, I returned to independent consulting. Desiring to work on scaling problems and to enjoy the camaraderie of coworker, I joined the corporate work force. There I am continuing to apply my accumlated knowledge, skills, and leadship to deliver high quality services.


  • Software Engineer (Rhumbix)
  • Technical Principal (Whitespace)
  • Lead Software Engineer (Emerlyn Technology/SureCost)
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Virta Health)
  • Sole Proprietorship (Mark Eschbach)


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