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Mark Lavie

Mark Lavie

Mideast author, analyst, writer


I'm available as a resource for comment and analysis, based on more than four decades of news coverage in the Middle East. My second book, "Why Are We Still Afraid?" walks the reader alongside me through 46 years in Israel, concluding that Israel is strong enough to deal with its adversaries, and now it must concentrate of domestic issues--including relations with Jews abroad. My first book, "Broken Spring," based on my two+ years working and living in Cairo, covers Arab Spring's ups and downs from street level, analyzes and explains the successes and failures around the region and why Western involvement goes off the tracks.


  • Middle East correspondent (Mutual Broadcasting)
  • Mideast author, analyst, writer, (Independent)
  • AP Radio Middle East correspondent (The Associated Press)
  • Radio reporter (CBC, NBC, Mutual, NPR)


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