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Markus Güntzel (LION)

Markus Güntzel (LION)

Founder / Owner & CEO from MG-4U Group ........................... The World's Best Companies in Distribution, Marketing

Hannover, Lower Saxony

■ Logistics: warehouse in Nuremberg & Hamburg
■ Salesforce Team: 400 people large sales team in field service
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■ We are a leading Importer / Distributor / Merchandiser/ Trader in Germany, Austria, Swiss, Luxembourg, Europe and our brand is very good known in Europe as well, as global. Our companies are active in the area, distribution / production, marketing, product & business management, consulting.
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■ We have decades of experience in building companies in Germany and Europe.
■ Experience in building from branded company, from product brands and trademarks.
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■ It will every day, worldwide, goods imported and exported. Within Germany / Europe, will the ordered food / non food products, beverages, various other goods, which now include over 3500 articles & news / trend products & product innovations, foods, shipped from own logistics warehouse in Nuremberg and Hamburg.
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■ specialties: Import, Export, purchasing, branding and identity, competitive analysis, franchising, Distribution, Marketing, Product- & business management, Consulting and internship, sales agent, trade, retail, retailer, Fair Trade, wholesaler, wholesales, broker, distributors, importers, exporters, agent, commercial agent, sales team, national, international, European Union, Experience in building companies in Germany and Europe, building brand companies, Public relations, marketing, advertising.
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  • ✔ MG-4U GROUP - Founder / Owner & CEO Markus Guentzel (MG-4U GROUP)
  • ✔ MG-4U Trading / Distribution / Merchandising / Retail - Founder / Owner & CEO Markus Guentzel (MG-4U Trade)
  • ✔ GastroGoods - Founder / Owner & CEO Markus Guentzel (GastroGoods)
  • ✔ Best WorkManager - Founder / Owner & CEO Markus Guentzel (Management and personnel consultancy)
  • ✔ MG-4U Marketing - Founder / Owner & CEO Markus Guentzel (MG-4U Marketing)


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