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Matt Cichocki, CFP, MBA, EA

Matt Cichocki, CFP, MBA, EA

Partner and Financial Advisor at True North Partners LLC

Denver, Colorado

I have always known that the only career for me would be in finance. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some very interesting jobs early in life, and you should ask me about them sometime! I have worked with individuals, families, and business owners since 2004 as an advisor with Charles Schwab. Through the course of my career, I have learned the value and importance of financial planning and have seen the impact on the lives of clients. Now I have the opportunity to focus all of my energy on creating those meaningful plans and help clients make educated investment, tax, and life decisions.

What makes me different? This is the part where I should highlight my genuine care for clients, my irritating attention to detail, my strength in strategic thinking but you might already know that. What truly makes me different is that my true passion is being outdoors. I work hard so that I can play hard. I fish, hunt, ski, backpack, scout, and enjoy a good sufferfest. I like to find a challenge and then make it more extreme. I have been told that I am allergic to relaxing!

Most often, my clients become friends and that is my ultimate definition of trust. After we partner together to create your plan, we will continue to monitor, adjust, adapt, and we might even enjoy some time fishing on the Colorado River.


  • VP - Financial Consultant (Charles Schwab)
  • Partner and Financial Advisor (True North Partners LLC)


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