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Michael Guntsch

Michael Guntsch

Director Of Engineering for Insider Risk at Google

Munich, Bavaria

Engineering Director of >100 person orgs at Google, track record of developing systems which safely connect humans to information and each other. Strong CS foundations with a PhD in optimization. Always looking for challenging problems and interesting people to work with.

Domains: Insider Risk, Identity and Access Management, Search, Video Conferencing, Community Management
Technical Foundations: Java, Python, C++, Mobile Web Applications, XML/HTML, Optimization, Swarm Intelligence, Agent based Simulation, Emergent Phenomena
People: Building self-sustaining organizations, coaching next gen Directors, Mentoring
General: Problem Solving, Research, strong CS Foundations


  • Engineering Manager, TLM (Google)
  • Research Assistant (Institut AIFB, Universität Karlsruhe)
  • Director Of Engineering (Google)
  • Director of Engineering (Google)
  • Engineering Manager, TLM (Google)
  • Director Of Engineering (Google)
  • Senior Scientist (Eurobios)


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