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Michael Nehorai

Michael Nehorai

R&D Senior Engineer at Emerson Automation Solutions - Open to opportunities


Over 10 years of comprehensive expertise in developing and in implementing of Digital Signal Processing algorithms and software for voice-band modems and audio telephony applications


Expertise with various embedded and DSP platforms such as ARM and and CSR Kalimba DSP platform.

• Developing of Audio/Speech Pre and Post Processing Algorithms (MP3, AEC, Speech Enhancement).

• Expertise with CSR BCMM5 multimedia Processor with 24 bit Kalimba DSP.

• Programming languages : C, C++, Matlab, Kalimba Processor Assembly.


  • DSP & Audio Algorithms Engineer (Cardo Systems, Inc)
  • SW Engineer (E-Drive Technology)
  • audio algorithms development (Zoran)
  • leader of communication algorithms team (Smart Link)
  • R&D Senior Engineer (Emerson Automation Solutions)


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