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Mickey Lazar

Mickey Lazar

Sustainable Rural Development Expert - African countries, Lead Person Women Feed Africa initiative, Founder of Virtual Mini Grid model for Sustainable Rural Development


Offering Energy & Water innovative, high performance, yet very affordable, technologies & methods in Africa - Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Nigeria & Ghana, specially tailored for the BOP rural population limited purchase power:

EaaS (Energy as a Service) solution, powered by solar energy in off grid areas, using an innovative battery type, under a novel operation mode - Mobile Battery.
Micro transportation based on electric bicycles - batteries charged by solar energy.

Rain Water Collection into affordable water reservoirs, Affordable Water purification, SEMI-MANUALLY borehole drilling & water drawing from boreholes, low-pressure drip irrigation;

• Small & Medium water purification system (iWater Systems) expert
- iWater Systems uses unique, innovative Israeli UF technology
- Systems designed to serve in rural & remote sites, in developing countries;
- Requiring low energy, iWater systems can be powered by small array of solar energy;
- iWater systems enable highly affordable mobile water purification units

• Renewable Energy Sources Expert
- Energy Efficiency & Off-Grid systems combining PV & Flow storage

• Design of Thermo Solar Air Condition systems

• In Depth knowledge of Solar CPV, CHP & PV solutions.

• Expert in implementing Energy Efficiency projects using:
- Advanced Heat Recovery solutions and Heat Pumps implementations
- LED lights implementation, replacing Mercury & HPS lights

• Experienced in project financing for Energy projects:
- using innovative financing sources, instruments, models & structures
- bank instruments, insured entity's promissory notes, export insurance products;
- leasing type solutions & structured debt & equity financing

• Knowledge in BioMass/BioWaste Gasification for convertion to electricity and heat

• Experienced manager with international skills, managing bizdev, PM & professional services.

Specialties: Cross Cultures negotiations, BioMass Gasification, ThermoSolar Technologies, Biodiesel Production Technologies


  • Affordable access to underground water (AquaPuraAfrica - Social Water Solutions - Founder)
  • Founder - Virtual Mini Grid - ( )
  • Head of Africa Operations (Mobat (Mobile Baterries))
  • Business Developer - Energy Efficiency for off-grid powered sites (Total Energy Solutions)
  • Regional Director - Africa (iWater Systems - by SmallTalk AS ltd)


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