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Mike Marsh

Mike Marsh

Sr Director, Product Management at Object Research Systems (ORS) Inc.

Denver Metropolitan Area

I am trained as a research scientist with practical experience in software development. I've been working in scientific imaging and 3D visualization for 20 years, focusing largely on image processing and 3D reconstruction with particular application to life sciences.

I critically assess research projects for the strengths and weaknesses of their experimental design and interpretation. Currently I focus on the 3D visualization needs of clients looking for novel and creative ways to better understand their data. My solutions typically rely on advanced and detailed 3D visualization and quantitative analysis.

I have excellent communication skills, and I communicate equally well with software developers as well as other scientists and engineers. My insight and ability to ask incisive questions help me quickly grasp difficult problems in unfamiliar domains. I have superior speaking abilities and deliver excellent presentations in large group seminars or small group training classes.

Specialties: Skills
★ Technical Presentations
★ Data Analysis,
★ Research Design,
★ Oral and Written Communication

Expert Knowledge:
★ Visualization
★ Imaging Instrumentation
★ Image Processing and Segmentation

Areas of active study
★ X-ray Computed Tomography
★ FIB-SEM Nanotomography
★ Digital Rock Physics
★ 3D Graphics Programming


  • Graduate Research Assistant (Baylor College of Medicine)
  • Imaging and Visualization Scientist (Xradia is now ZEISS)
  • Product Manager (Object Research Systems (ORS) Inc.)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (Baylor College of Medicine)
  • Chief Scientist (Marsh Imaging and Visualization)
  • Imaging Applications Specialist (Visualization Sciences Group, an FEI Company)


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