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Mikeal Day

Mikeal Day

Experienced Senior Software Engineering Manager Who Likes a Good Challenge

Bremerton, Washington

Technical leader with a hands on software engineering background and a focus on bridging the business-technical gap. I've worked in a diverse set of industries including: Education, Military Contracting, and Finance/FinTech. I specialize in SDLC best practices around CI/CD, automated testing, and team agility, with the ultimate goal of reducing time to market and delivering meaningful business value. My ability to take on challenging or failing projects and drive them to successful outcomes has been the source of multiple awards.

I believe that we need to build the right product, for the right stakeholders, and that it needs meet the highest levels of consumer quality metrics. - What we build matters.

I believe that we need to build software that follows best practices and not just take the quick and dirty path because it’s expedient. - How we build it matters.

I believe that we need to build software that we believe in, and build it in a way that we can look back on what we produced with pride. - Why we build it matters.

I'm determined to constantly push myself and my teams to improve, so I am always looking for strategies that can bring us to the next level. Building a vision of what that next level looks like and how we can reach those goals is a large part of that process. As part of this ongoing journey, I am pursuing a Masters of Engineering Management, which is specifically focused on identifying and the addressing the challenges facing today’s engineering organizations.


  • Associate Vice President, Advanced Platform Development (Tamarac Inc.)
  • Data Services Technician (University of Puget Sound)
  • Senior Software Engineering Manager (Crelate)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Kitsap Credit Union)
  • CPAS Team Lead (AMSEC)


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