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Miles Denson

Miles Denson

1st Wifi MULTIMODE Collision Avoidance System -Inventor-Manager-Esperanto Sensors, LLC

Marietta, Georgia

Inventor-Manager-New 1st strategic warning sensor Patent solution for Autonomous-Automobiles vehicles to warn using Doppler Radar Wifi and RFID ALERTING ALL ACTIVATED drivers along with pedestrians, joggers, bicyclist, motorcyclists, boaters, aircraft, defense, automotive, recreational, commercial, law enforcement and public safety before a collision occurs up to 300 meters.

Previous sales development to OEM, Integrators, U S Army Programs-Air Craft OEM, Space Missile Defense, Homeland Security, Major Oil Platforms, Electronic Component used in design and manufacting of Commercial and Military applications , CCTV, Thermal Cameras along with Electronic Communication Systems.

Thirty one years of my career covering Baltimore MD-Washington DC, Huntsville AL, Charleston SC, Houston TX and Norfolk, VA selling to U S Defense Agencies and OEM's in Military-commercial markets throughout the U S.

Sales Manager of the year 17 consecutive Years documented in detail achievements. My goal is to increase profit and grow region of responsibility. Extensive background in electronic components, missile components, military-commercial accounts, fiber optics, night vision goggles & thermal/cctv cameras.

Specialties: Business Development with Integrators, OEM's,Electronics, Electrical, Industrial, Military, Government Agencies, Oil Platforms, Aero Mil, Petro Chemical-Homeland Security. Integrity:
• Develop new business opportunities in the defense and industrial environment.
• Listening to and understanding client’s applications.
• Drive the business model from product to value selling.
• Negotiate and lead large scale projects.
Specialty with end-users and define specific problems, complex in nature, and communicate to an Engineer the same complex problem for system design and application solution. Intimate knowledge of the US Government in the areas of buy, sell and specific requirements on DIA, DOD, DHS, Federal & State Agencies and black projects.


  • Regional Sales Manager (MID-ATLANTIC)
  • Business Development Management, U S Army Programs DRS Night Vision Systems (DRS Technologies)
  • Management Team Member (Esperanto Sensors, LLC)
  • Regional Sales Manager (Diamond USA)
  • Business Development Manager (Pelco by Schneider Electric)


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