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Mohammad Bashir

Mohammad Bashir

Thought Leaders work with us to elevate their visibility and influence. In our 5 Step System to Enroll New Clients, high-achievers reach their ideal clients, enroll them in their programs and grow their body of work.

Mississauga, Ontario

Thought Leaders, Go-to Authorities, Industry Influencers, Powerful Networkers,
Intellectual Property Creators and Best-Selling Authors come to us to expand their success.

Our clients are already well known, leaders in their areas of expertise, and have enjoyed the success that comes with tenacity and hard work.

Why do they want our help? There are a number of reasons but the main one is our Five Step System to Enroll New Clients.

With this system, our clients have a steady stream of new business opportunities like speaking engagements, media Interviews, collaboration with other industry experts, and most importantly, new clients.

Here is how you can enhance your status and gain global visibility as our clients do:

► Being featured in Special Editions of Thought Leadership Magazines
► Having your Intellectual Property and Proven Processes researched by International Institutions of Higher Education
► National and International Organizations are recruited to participate in your research
► The Research findings validate and confirm Your Body of Work and can be published in Industry Journals and Forums as well as Though Leadership Media.

Phil Johnson, Founder and CEO of the Master of Business Leadership Program, said this about our system:

“... I'm very pleased with the service that Mohammad has provided our organization. He is extremely professional and qualified to help our organization expand our client base. I've never found an organization that is as qualified or dedicated to helping that process more than Muhammad's team. I'm extremely happy and willing to promote his organization to anybody that wants to expand their business.”

Phil is Brilliant in his work but was allergic to marketing and selling. With our system, he now loves sales and marketing because he is getting results on a regular basis. And, he thinks that is Brilliant.

To learn about this unique solution, schedule an appointment with me.

📞 770 872-4611


  • Senior Producer (Growth Hacking Secrets)
  • Project Manager (JV Genius)
  • Vice President of Public Relations (City Centre Toastmasters)
  • Host, Instant Publicity Conversation (Entrepreneur Empowerment Club)
  • Developer of Business Growth Solution (Entrepreneur Empowerment Club)
  • B2B Lead Generation Strategy for Business Coach (Lead Generation)


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