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Mohitdeep Singh

Mohitdeep Singh

Machine Learning Engineer at Pinterest

San Francisco, California

Checkout for academic/research work:

Interested in solving large scale machine learning problems. Strong mathematical background with ability to program scalable solutions.

Strengths: Large scale machine learning, large scale recommendation systems, Statistical Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Numerical Linear Algebra, Randomized Linear Algebra, Sparse methods, Graph theory, matrix factorization, dimension reduction, Convex optimization, Bayesian inference, Text mining and other applications

Programming Languages: Python, Java
Large Scale Frameworks: Hadoop, Spark, Graphlab, Giraph, Cilk+
Other Skills:
Software Developing Tools: Sconscript, Mercurial and Git version control
Machine Learning Libraries:Weka,NLTK,scikits-learn
Statistical Languages: Octave, R


  • Open Source Developer (Graphlab )
  • Data Scientist (Rdio)
  • Machine Learning Engineer (Pinterest)
  • Research Scientist (Intel Labs)
  • Sr. Scientist (Pandora)
  • Scientist (Pandora)


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