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Mordi Dahan

Mordi Dahan

Machine Vision Expert


Multidisciplinary Experience-

Image Processing Tools:
-Smart Cameras
-Customize Algorithms

Development Environments :
-C++ -MFC
-C# (.Net)
-SolidWorks -Machine Design

Motion Control:
-Scara , Six-axis/Articulated, Parallel, Cartesian linear robots
-Controllers: Galil, IMS, ACS

3D Reconstruction Technology's :
-Laser triangulation
-Depth from focus
-White light interferometer
-Chromantic Con focal Sensors

XRF Analysis
- Combine and Optimaize Xray Technologies
- Development of microscopic XRay Camera

Specialties: Machine Vision , Multidisciplinary Integration


  • 3D Computer Vision Algorithm Development Team Leader (Camtek)
  • R&D Manager (XwinSys)
  • Machine Vision Expert (Brossh Inspection Systems Ltd)


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