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Mujahaid bin Jamshaid

Mujahaid bin Jamshaid

🎭 Serial Entrepreneur 💰 Value Investor 🌏 CEO of Global Marketing Advertising Agency 🏆Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker

Manchester Area, United Kingdom

Ever since I can remember as a young child my parents always told me to work hard, dream big and never stop working to achieve your goals and aspirations. I have always had an ambitious streak and threw myself always into challenges that most of my peers’ thought were unachievable and impossible. I have to begin by honestly saying the word “impossible” or “Can’t” just do not reside in my extensive vocabulary.

Whatever I have set out to do, it has always been my firm belief to never stop until you achieve. I am a great believer in doing whatever it takes to keep your dream alive – I often tend to visualise my dreams and goals as a way of self-motivating myself. Just as Stephen Covey said in his book on the 7 habits of Highly Successful People “Begin with the end in mind”. On the subject of books, I confess now that I am a bookaholic! That is not to say I am anti-social…in fact the complete opposite! I love people and love being around lots of them! I would say I am definitely a highly social creature. Back to the subject of books, I am from the school of thought “Read a Book a day”. Yes, it is a difficult balancing act but reading and constantly learning is something which I take great pride in and enjoy.

Throughout my Career from being a highly talented Corporate Banking Manager to venturing out in the world of self-employment and setting up several very successful businesses – I have always found the value and power of self-learning! If you want to improve your game and then the time you dedicate to learn and invest in yourself is probably the greatest of all decisions, you will ever make. What I am saying is if you want it that bad…then only you alone can make it happen!

I think my word count has nearly come to a close…let’s try wrapping up:

- Successful Entrepreneur with extensive Management & Leadership experience all in areas of business.
- Highly Competent Business Leader with solid experience in Sales, Marketing and driving growth!
- There is more...


  • Director Of Marketing And Advertising (Amor Digital Now)
  • Creative Director & Head of Production | Business Development (Amor Media Productions ®)
  • Creative Director (Amor Media Productions ®)
  • Director | Property Investment & Development (Skyway Construction)
  • Director (Sheen Jewels ®)
  • Director (Panda Nourishment®)


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