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Natalia Khirina

Natalia Khirina

Product Designer at

Austin, Texas

My name is Natalia. I am a self-motivated designer with seven years of design experience in highly competitive industries and startups.

I enjoy collaborating with other designers, product managers, and engineers to create streamlined and delightful experiences that are based on human-centered design principles. I value design research and user testing to guide my design decisions throughout the design and development process.

Currently, I am working as a Product Designer at® (Formerly Opcity) in Austin, TX where I do more than simply create beautiful interfaces; I craft engaging experiences that make the home buying experience better for everyone involved.

I am analytical, creative, observant and a problem solver with a can-do attitude.

My passions are minimalistic aesthetics, soulful conversations, and traveling. I am also a yoga enthusiast and vegetarian food lover who fluently speaks 3 languages.


  • Design Mentor (
  • Interactive Designer (Natixis Investment Managers)
  • UX|UI Designer (Radius)
  • Visual Designer (Opcity)
  • Product Designer (


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