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Nate Nasralla

Nate Nasralla

Founder @ I Never lose a deal when you're not in the room.

Denver, Colorado

Selling with buyers (not to them), by creating deal champions is my jam.

You'll read a lot about that if you follow me 🀟🏼

1:1 coaching on follow-up strategy: πŸ€“

More writing at πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»


The backstory, if you're curious:

B2B sales has been my whole career, and I love it. Sometimes, I’m founding the products I sell. Other times, building teams to sell.

In every case, sales = creating + closing new deals. Trouble is, I realized sales reps don’t close deals. Buyers do. Because make-or-break moments in every deal happen without sales reps in the room.

A buyer's internal meetings is where champions pitch their team, in their own words. AE's know how to sell. But they don't always have a great way to help champions sell when they're not around.

It's why I founded β€” to help sellers stop losing deals when they're not in the room. Before we launch, sharing all I know from 10 years selling + interviews with 290 buyers.

1:1 coaching when you need it β€” πŸ€“

I also write long-form and tactical content for B2B sales teams work to enable their buyers with a strong message β€” head to πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»


  • Member (Pavilion)
  • Founder (Fluint)
  • Member (RevGenius)
  • Chief Growth Officer (GAN)
  • Head of Global Partnerships (Global Startup Studio Network)


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