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Nathan Addesa, MBA

Nathan Addesa, MBA

President at RGI Data Assets

Marietta, Georgia

✵Personal Statement
➥My life and career thus far has been defined by my ability to learn fast, understand others needs and build strong and long lasting relationships. Through these relationships I have built long term clients who trust in my ability to provide them with the best solution for their needs. As the Chief Operating Officer I provide leadership, management and vision through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by the objectives of the company.

✵RGI Data Assets, Inc.
➥RGI is the performance marketing partner that helps you build demand, accelerate sales, and achieve growth through lead generation and data-driven marketing.

➥Our integrated marketing technology adds extensive personalization, segmentation, and flexibility to your campaigns to connect you more deeply with your audience. RGI has the data, technology, and talent to develop and execute highly customizable integrated marketing campaigns that attract, nurture, and engage your audience.

➥Our data expertise in insurance lead generation drives performance-focused cost per lead (CPL) programs for companies that sell Medicare Supplement and Final Expense products. We also offer cost per thousand (CPM) direct mail programs for other select industry verticals.

➥With a pay-for-performance mindset, RGI’s goal is to help you increase your response rates above and beyond those of your existing mail program. We start by matching your existing CPM price to create a low risk, high potential situation. Then, by analyzing your historical data and results of repeated test mailings, we work to transform standard CPM programs into performance-based models that increase lead flow.

➥Click through the web-link below for to learn more about the company and the different services we are providing to our customers.

➥Do you need of a partner to cultivate qualified leads, Call Nathan Addesa 678.777.4103 ☎


  • President (RGI Data Assets)
  • Regional Sales Director of Digital Sales & GM of Rentals Division (RentPath)
  • Business Development Manager (Sprung Instant Structures)
  • General Manager of Rentals (RentPath)
  • Regional Sales Manager - Serving GA, TN & KY (Sprung Instant Structures)
  • Chief Operating Officer (RGI Data Assets)
  • Sales Manager (O.H.S. America)


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