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Nicolas Glachant

Nicolas Glachant

Camera Operator specialised in Cablecam / Crane / Rail and Tracking system / Drone


As a freelance Camera Operator I have built up a solid reputation as a creative, resourceful and reliable operator whilst working in the French and International TV broadcast industries.

I am specialised in remote controlled head and moving systems, like Cablecam, Telescopic Crane, Crane, Rail and Tracking system, Drone.

I started my career as a photo and camera assistant, then as a gyrostabilized remote head technician.

With more than 20 years field experience, a solid technical base and a strong team spirit, my additional skills include setting up of lighting and framing, as well as production, team and logistic management.

Today I enjoy to work on anything from small single camera shoots to full on International live events such as Olympics and World championships.


  • Camera Operator (LIVE CEREMONIES / EVENTS)
  • Camera Operator (LIVE SPORT EVENTS)
  • Crane camera operator (RMC SPORT)
  • Cablecam operator (Roland Garros - Paris French Open)
  • Camera operator (TV SHOW)


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