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Nixxi Mohilchock

Nixxi Mohilchock

Gameplay Designer, Artist, LGBTQ+ Gaming Advocate

Greater Seattle Area

My name is Nixxi - a game designer of AWESOME AAA GAMES. Currently working on something really unique, as well as a solo independent PC game project and a tabletop dungeon game. Available for consulting, contracts, or other opportunities. Autistic design savant if given the right environment. Current pursuits include AI and learning algorithms, improvisational GOAPs, deep fakes, photon-capture imaging technology, neurotribes and neurodiversity, rapid content creation vs. dynamic content generation, information apocalypse, and robust burrito technology.

Most recent shipped title: Halo Infinite

The Important Stuff:

Nearly TWENTY YEARS of design experience (Level Design, Game Design, Enemy/NPC Design, Combat Design, Systems Design, UX, ADR and Vocal Talent)
TEN SHIPPED TITLES across more than 10 platforms (three Call of Duty games, F.E.A.R. 2, Sorcery, PWND, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Marvel's Avengers, and Halo Infinite)
UNREAL ENGINE SPECIALIST (Unreal Engine 3, Unreal Engine 4)
Proficiency with Radiant (id Tech 5), GameMaker Studio 1.4/2 (Yoyo Games), Unreal Engine 5
Experience with multiple proprietary tools, engines, and source control options (Offset Engine, Jupiter, SlipSpace, and more).
Familiar with Unity, Godot, Maya/Max, BuildBox, Blender, and other open platforms.
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premier, etc.) SoundForge, Audacity, Camtasia, Fraps, and lots more.
Plenty of Excel, Word, Visio, Google Drive, and Open Office experience.
Jill of all trades - I'm good at just about everything.

Also: Autism and LGBTQ advocate for representation in games, and a firm believer that good representation of minorities and vulnerable groups is essential for compassion and empathy in our industry and the world. I'm an 80's synthwave and rad hair guitarist fan with over three decades of game-playing experience in every genre, with a fondness for action titles, arcade & simulation racing games, RPGs, first-person shooters, and classic pixel art retro games. Arms dealer of NERF weapons and consumer of guacamole. Adorable hyper visionary odd-ball who loves breaking boxes.

Born in sunny southern California and currently based in the greater Seattle area, I love the west coast (particularly the PNW), good food, diverse culture, and being surrounded by groundbreaking technology. I have two rescue cats named Ezma and Loki. I'm a nail polish enthusiast, a sci-fi nerd, and avid otaku. My pronouns are She/They, and I'm currently in my 20th year of marriage! Life is good! If you wanna know more, feel free to look me up on Twitter @WeAreNIM!


  • Senior Designer (Crystal Dynamics)
  • Independent Games Developer / Contract Design (Self Employed)
  • Senior Gameplay Designer (OtherSide Entertainment)
  • Gameplay Designer (343 Industries)
  • Senior Designer (The Workshop Entertainment)


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