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Noa Rabban

Noa Rabban

Data Analyst at Karma


Who Am I?
Hello I'm Noa!
After a long and an intense service as an intelligence officer at an elite intelligence unit in the IAF, the business intelligence path was the natural choice for me.
The tools I acquired during my service were helpful when I first joined to the high-tech industry, and also now, after 9 years.
Today, after working with data in a variety of markets and in different levels (mostly end to end), I found my passion is converting needs into logic processes and implementing ETLs.

What I'm doing?
# Deep understanding of processes (performance measurements, data flow, DB structures, connections between systems)
# Breathing, thinking and speaking Math, Statistics, Logic & Systematization
# Cracking business & DB challenges (high priority to new markets)
# Connecting and translating between entities: IT to Business, Goals to Tasks, Strategy (KPIs) to Tactics (secondary measurements)

How I'm doing it?
There are 3 things I'm doing very well (as a person) that affects my strengths as an analyst:
1. I truly believe that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts' and teamwork is the key for great success
2.I'm excited of unfamiliar fields and new discoveries. I'm a self-learner who always keeps on moving forward to new challenges.
3.I'm asking questions and looking for answers based on data.


  • Data Analyst (EverythingMe)
  • Data Analyst (Playbuzz)
  • Data Analyst (Karma)
  • Data Analyst (Pontis)
  • Senior Data Analyst (iKnowlogy)


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