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Norman Lam, P. Eng

Norman Lam, P. Eng

Firmware Engineer at LMI Technologies

Burnaby, British Columbia

Software Engineer with extensive software development experience. I have worked on a wide variety of embedded systems including diagnostic tools for automotive engine control systems, mechatronic specimen handling machines for medical labs and electronic bingo systems for large bingo halls. My most recent contribution was with monitoring and control systems for subsea devices.

I'm interested in the alternative energy or biomedical industry where I feel there is great growth potential professionally as well as personally. At the same time, it would be ideal to find a challenge in any industry that could make use of my past experience and skills.

• Programming Languages: C/C++, C#, Matlab M-scripts, Visual Basic, Java
• Operating Systems: Linux, Windows XP/7, QNX, MS-DOS
• Kernels: Linux, Proprietary, QNX, OpenRTOS/FreeRTOS, Windows CE, ATI Nucleus
• Microprocessor Platforms: MSP430, Atmel AT91SAM Arm-based, Atmel ATMega 64/128
• Embedded IDE’s: Eclipse, Visual Studio, TI CodeComposer, Atmel Studio, CoDeSys, IAR Embedded Workbench
• Version Control: Subversion, Git, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, PVCS Version Manager
• Vehicle Protocols: OBDII/CAN (SAE J1850, J1979, ISO-15765), Heavy Duty (SAE J1708, J1587)


  • Contract Software Engineer (Sendum Wireless)
  • Embedded Software Engineer (Oceanworks)
  • Software Designer (McCarney Technologies)
  • Senior Software/Firmware Engineer (AZ Information Products)
  • Firmware Engineer (LMI Technologies)


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