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Nurit Granadier 💥

Nurit Granadier 💥

Talent Acquisition 🚀 Partner with me to find your perfect match 🚀


Hiring * Headhunting * Recruiting

End-to-end technical recruiting services, to start-ups and Hi-Tech companies.
A boutique talent acquisition specialist, hiring employees, talent management, while giving coaching to the candidates including onboarding.

I believe in freestyle interviewing, when the candidate feels comfortable, that's the way to get to know better your future employee!

My background from the business aspect, allows me to see the full picture to bond with the candidates, and be reachable.

Giving special value to people, companies, start-ups, and Hi-Tech.
Powering the network (+17K connections!) to create new opportunities and to promote human relations/connections between startups / Hi-Tech companies and talents / Human Resources (HR).

I'm a people person!

Headhunting is my passion!

My motto is: work hard and make a difference!



  • Your Career Partner (Nurit Granadier Strategic Matching)
  • Senior Account Manager (Kitan Textile Industries Ltd.)
  • Talent Acquisition (Scopio Labs)
  • Operations Logistics Manager (Wonderfeel / Hamamit Min Hateva.)
  • Import Export Specialist (Emerson Process Management)


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