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Ofer Pinhas

Ofer Pinhas

Computer Software Professional


I'm a senior software developer with ten years of experience in multiple fields within the backend side. I’ve worked in a variety of domains such as Fintech, Cybersecurity and Healthcare, in a variety of technological environments.
Overall gained most of my experience in Java Spring Boot and .net C#.

I'm passionate about software design, development methodologies and dev-cultures, for finding ways to make better code, that is easier to maintain.
I don't shy away from challenges and always eager to have an impact in everything I do.

Besides that, music has a significant role in my life. I’m a composer and a pianist, with an ensemble called "פנחס ובניו" (feel free to google ;)). Much like software design, music for me is a fusion of creativity, exploration, problem solving and thinking outside the box. Hence, I find great similarities in the way I approach these two worlds, by looking at the picture as a whole and finding innovative ways, structures and methodologies to extend it.


  • Software Engineer (Liacom Systems Ltd.)
  • . (Cadence Design Systems)
  • Software Engineer (Capitolis)
  • Software Engineer (Algotec)


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